Enjoy the Madness – About me

So, you want to know who I am?

I’m not telling.  Sometimes, as I said in my second post, we just need a place to express ourselves without worrying about what our friends and family will think of our potentially offensive thoughts. Not that I intentionally say anything offensive, mind you.  I just have a few interesting people in my life that may not appreciate the way I weave their truths and shadows into my writing.  Because you see – I am taking some latitude with what I write.  Autobiographical sure – but make sure the -al suffix remains attached.  It isn’t all completely true – but it is mostly true.  It is, at least, the truth I believe in my head most of the time.  Not sure that’s a place you want to visit?  Me either.  But the labyrinth of thought sure looks better in print than running in circles on the beach of my mind.

Hmm . . . I didn’t intend to allude to Carroll so much – just a neat title, but – it’s working for me.

So Happy Un-birthday to you! (Unless it happens to BE your birthday – in which case – Happy Birthday!) I hope you enjoy my attempts to express all these thoughts as much as I am enjoying leaving them here for you.   Make sure to read my first post – The Assignment – it is kind of what got me thinking about writing this blog in the first place – and (if you are good at allusion) may explain the title, the person, and the need to write more than I can if I’m trying to.


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